We will likely start using nicardipine more often. We get the bags premixed from pharmacy as 40mg/200ml; starting dose on floors is 5mg/hr. Use discretion when patient is alpha/B-blocked and under anesthesia.

Below is a flash video of an Alaris pump getting ready to serve the patient with nicardipine.


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A few articles of interest for those who are cortically stimulated by this stuff:

A nice article on the pharmacology of nicardipine

Classic article on effects of nicardipine on cerbrohemodynamics by Kawaguchi

Review article on vasospasm in the setting of SAH by Keyrouz 2007 (Nicely done)

A beautiful article on magnesium and its role in neuroanesthesia and subarachnoid hemorrhage

PLEASE Note that the articles are for educational purposes and should not be copied authorization.